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  • RA0100-K
  • RA0100-K
  • RA0100-K
  • RA0100-K
  • RA0100-K

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  • RA0100-K
Item Number
: RA0100-K

  • Sports Equipment
  • Description: whistle
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Professional Referee Whistle for VOLLEYBALL
Best for Large & Loud Audience, Maximum Loudness (Skills Required)
Tuned for Indoor Arena
Its uniform, high-pitch tone resounds through arenas packed with cheering fans.
The innovative fin design splits the sounds, ensuring the attention of players on both sides of the court.
Incredibly durable,but soft mouthpiece (Titanium Frame enclosed in soft plastic)
4.10kHz&3.74kHz, 4 octaves


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