Search Basics

Enter keywords that you want to search and either hit Enter or click Search button and you will find results with pages relevent to the keywords you entered. Search results will pick up the most important and relevant pages to the keywords you entered. For example, the order of search results are decided not only by the relevent page but also considers the contents of the link page.

Search Synonyms

Search helps you to find synonyms to the word you entered in the query. Search results will show as "Other suggested searches".

Sorting by date

If you use "sorting by date function", search results will be in chronological order.

Automatic "and" Search

It is not neccesary to enter "and" between words to search for multiple words, as pages including all words entered in the query will be automatically searched.

"OR" Operater

If you want to specifically allow either one of several words, enter "OR" between the two words. For example, if you want to search either football or futsal, enter "football OR futsal".

Search Results Display

Search results will show short description or an actual excerpt from the page related to the words you entered. You can easily find the related search results, as words you entered will be shown in bold text in the short description or in the excerpt.

Capital And Lower Case Letters

Search results does not differenciate between capital and lower case letters. All letters entered will be recognized as lower case letters.

Example: "molten", "Molten", "MOLTEN" will show the same search results.

Advanced search

Search results will return with pages including all words entered in the query. For an advanced search, enter additional words.

Terms you want to exclude

Attatch a minus sign (-) immediately before a word if you do not want pages that includes this word to appear from your search. The minus sign should be preceded with a space.

For example, in a query [Soccer - Futsal], search results will search for the word related to "Soccer" but exclude with references to "Futsal".

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