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Message from the Representative of the Administrative Division

Our never-ending pursuit of operational excellence

株式会社モルテン 執行役員 管理本部長 田中 宏樹

The distinctiveness of Molten lies in its development of diversified business operations. Our company is currently developing its business across the four different sectors of sports equipment, automotive parts, healthcare and assistive devices, as well as marine and industrial equipment. Not only in Japan but also around the globe, which has allowed us to share and take advantage of the respective strengths of our business in these various domains. We refer to this as "crossover" and consider it to be a source of our company's innovation.
To further enhance our ingenuity, we have established the technical center "the Box" and inaugurated a phase that can be considered our second founding. The role of the Administrative Division is to provide systems to promote creativity in our various business operations as well as to manage necessary resources for further growth. Nevertheless, we must not forget that the basic premise for the implementation of creativity is the consistent and comprehensive day-to-day management of our business. In today's era, when changes in our external environment have become unpredictable, each and every one of us in the Administrative Division is committed to deepening our professional expertise. Once this expertise has been achieved, it allows us to raiseour productivity so that we can then strengthen our foothold. We strive to improve the standards of our activities until we can say that we have achieved operational excellence; therefore fulfilling our responsibility as the cornerstone of Molten.

December 2022
Administrative Division
Molten Corporation
Hiroki Tanaka

大谷 剛 サイン

December 2011
Member of Executive Board
Chief Financial Officer
Molten Corporation
Tsuyoshi Otani

田中 宏樹 サイン