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Accuracy Enhancing Technology


A ball that is 2.2 times more likely to go precisely where a player aims. That means superior ball control, to help deliver an instinctively precise response in every phase of the game. A ball with water absorbency one-fifth that of a conventional ball, ensuring a high performance that is not affected by weather conditions.
ACENTEC technology, produced from the cutting-edge automated production line, enabled a distinguished uniform surface. The result is a uniform quality, achieving a constant feel of the ball.

Cross-fusion bonding

We've replaced traditional hand-sewing with a cross-fusion bonding technique for a smooth, seamless surface and quicker, more sensitive ball touch. As a result, VANTAGGIO goes where you want it to go, with minimum absorbency and maximum abrasion resisitance.

New Unified Outer Layer Technology

This surface finishing technology ensures that the surface of the ball is uniform. The result is with a ball with identical friction at every point and moment of impact, and more abrasion resistance. This means the ball rotates at a uniform speed, which contributes to greater accuracy in every shot and pass.

Enhanced multi-layer architecture

When designing VANTAGGIO, we incorporated advanced lamination technology and adopted the latest mechanical manufacturing techniques. The resulting multi-layer architecture drastically enhances ball roundness, shape retention and durability.

Optimized panel construction

VANTAGGIO's engineered foam is wrapped in a skin of high-performance polyurethane for finer ball control and excellent bounce. The innovative panel construction provides a high degree of elasticity.

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