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Taking Care of Balls

It is advisable to know how to take care of your balls correctly to have a lasting effect.

Ball construction

There are different types of ball construcion. The way you take care of the ball differs from each construction.

  ACENTEC Hand-sewn balls Laminated balls
Rugby Football


Panels molded together with heat pressure, a technique called the cross-fusion bonding, are placed on the bladder. A manufacturing technique used for high level competion soccerballs and handballs.

Hand-sewn balls

Panels are sewn together. The seams are uneven in comparison with laminated balls. A manufacturing technique commonly used for soccer and handball.

Taking Care of Hand-Sewn Balls

Laminated balls

Panels are placed on the bladder. The seams are fairly even. A manufacturing technique commonly used for volleyball and basketball.

Taking Care of Laminated Balls

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