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Flight Stability Technology
FLISTATEC will bring a revolutionary change to the conventional concept of volleyball and will achieve I creating a game that is more exciting than ever.

Comparison test with Traditional ball

TEST 01:Wind Tunnel Test

We conducted scientific analysis of the air current over the surface of the ball. As suspected, we discovered that the irregular air current around the ball negatively influenced the flight path of the ball. We then continued lab testing, until we succeeded in developing a new technology call "FLISTATEC", which stands for "FLIGHT STABILITY TECHNOLOGY". With FLISTATEC, we were able to achieve a stabilized flight path by controlling the air disturbance around the ball through the placement of raised hexagon shaped designs on the surface of the ball.

Traditional ball


TEST 02:Flight Stability Test

We conducted a flight stability test using a volleyball shooting machine and analized the dropping points. Below you will find a comparison of dropping points of a FLISTATEC ball and a traditional ball. You may observe that the number of irregular flight patters is significantly reduced with the FLISTATEC volleyball and that the dropping points are more consistant compared to that of the traditional ball.

Shooting without rotation

Traditional ball


Comparison between Traditional and FLISTATEC ball.

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